Meet Chrissy and Col Greig, normal? not likely

Meet Chrissy and Colin Greig, normal?


We used to think, we were ‘normal’.  Did the 9 to 5 thing for years and years… and years…., lived in the suburbs, had the mortgage, drove a normal car and had the normal lifestyle.

Until…. one day we suddenly thought, we are getting nowhere fast. But how do we make the move and in which direction. All we knew is,  to be who we wanted to be, something had to change.  But what??? Someone said one day the change is in you and only you. We thought what a dropkick. It is everything else. And I made a big list of what had to change to make our lives better and more successful.

*The government, the roads, the public transport, the waste collection, our neighbours, the local council, the amount of dams in our area for town water, the dogs next door, you name it …. the list was about 25 or 30 and growing. We presented this list to this same person we considered a dropkick and said, “There, you see! These are the reasons. So There”, and poked our tongues out.

He studied the list and after about 2 seconds said, “There is still one very important thing not on this list”.

We said, “Not just one, there are probably about another 40 we could add. What could be so important as to not be on this list. We have covered almost every reason”.

“You” he said, “cross everything else out” then walked away.

This made us think, how could this be… It’s not us….is it?

We were at the effect of our surroundings and our average results showed this.

DING!!!  The bell went off. We were looking at this all wrong. We must create our surroundings for them to be the pleasing ones, we were looking for.

Self development was the first thing we studied. We are still and always will be students of this amazing subject.

guess which flower we are…..

People always ask ‘what the average is’?   I ask why oh why oh why would you ever strive toward average. All you get then, is average results. Ask what the ‘above average’ results are and then beat that, with all of your might.

Our learning adventure is always on the go. We have changed our mindset to positive only, NEVER watch the news or read newspapers, and are grateful every second of the day of our new successes and newly created abundance, all because of just one item, now on top of the list. A list of one.

So, if you don’t like where you are remember, only You can change your circumstances.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.


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