Live free and retire wealthy.

Did you know that 97% of people aged 65 or over, are either dead or dead broke, so the dream of being able to retire wealthy is just that… unless….

This 97% an absolutely alarming number for this day and age. With the huge amount of good information out there available to everyone, and now so easy to obtain, it is surprising how very few act upon it. Everyone wants to retire young and retire wealthy. I’m not wrong when I say this, just ask around.

retire wealthy

Wealthy is an interesting word. I’ll bet if you ask anyone they will say it has only to do with money. So when I say retire wealthy, a wealth of new meanings can arise. (excuse the pun) Wealth can come in many forms, sometimes it has nothing to do with money. Some islanders consider themselves very wealthy because they are always happy, without a care. What a great life this is.

I was on a boat once in Fiji going up the river and heard this noise of many people singing and clapping etc. “Whats that noise?” I asked our guide. “That’s school” he said. They dance, sing through their day, every day, and are very happy most of the time. Life is a joy. They are wealthy. They will never retire wealthy as, 1. they do not even know the meaning of the word ‘retire’ and      2. they are already wealthy as they want for nothing. So our third world idea of retire wealthy is all brought about by out idea of what exactly is retirement. Those who love what they do will never retire.

Lessons can be learned here. Too much emphasis is put on the sometimes, elusive dollar. I do agree though the way most of the so called ‘civilized’ people live money is like oxygen, but, according to who and compared to what, I always say. Money is a form of currency based on value, and the barter system is exactly the same, based on value.

So….. retire wealthy? Brilliant. You just have to work out where your values are….

it is really that simple.

Cheers … Chrissy.

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