My Home Business Success Story

My Success Story and how it unfolded.

As a Business Coach I hear a lot of stories.

This story was told to me about an unforeseen kick in the teeth, and how to avoid this happening to You…

A few years back, I managed to secure a full time position with a corporate company, I thought, wow … this is great. All I have to do is knuckle down and work really hard and do the best I can, put in all the extra hours, and I will reap massive rewards. I will create my own success story.

success story

The manager of my department will see me as the model employee and I will stand out from the crowd in the other cubicles, because of my extra efforts. This is all I had to do. I put in the 14 to 16 hour days, got everything done early, and all was as efficient as I could make it, and in my mind, I was the model employee. My life was my work.


Actually I thought, well I knew, I was valued more than everyone else there, because I could see how they could be better at their work, if they only just do what I did, and be dedicated to the company. Some of these people had been there for 10, 20 and 30 years. I could easily see how they too could be the model employee by just upping their game, and they could write their own success story. I can fix these people.

I was in a great position as I was the most valued, most efficient, and most important part of this section. A big pay rise was just around the corner, or so I thought.

success story

BANG!!! CRASH!!! WHOOSH!!! ….. Forced uncontrolled reality hit me like a ton of bricks. Well not my reality, but the reality of me putting my faith and time and all my efforts into something fully controlled by someone else. A HUGE learning curve for me and a HUGE kick in the teeth, stomach, rear end and shins, all at the same time.

A downturn in the economy hit, and I was one of 35 people to go. WHAT!!! ME??? Why me??? Can’t you see I am the most important employee here? Can’t you see that Bill in accounts does more work avoiding work, and gets double my pay, and he didn’t get fired? Can’t you see the value I add to this section. The top floor decision makers could not see what I could easily see. How could this be?

success story

This was a massive massive wake up call for me. You should never ever put your future in someone else’s hands. I see this now, back then in the corporate world, they rarely ever saw and didn’t really care about you or your future because they are only thinking about themselves and their future.

Right I said, a big wake up call. It is up to me to create my own success story, and only ever up to me. I will never again put myself in any position to allow my future to be decided upon my someone else.

I still have the same work ethic which is do the best I possible can, be the most efficient person in all I do and always see every project right to the end and move straight to the next. Never leave anything unfinished as this will always play on your mind.

My home business success story is still unfolding as I get more and more in tune with my dreams and goals. I have learned not to be a fixer but to be a creator. I am fully involved with creating my own future and have learned that I must put myself in a non-victim position to allow me to be able to offer my expertise to all who are willing to listen.

success story

My success story is this. I am fully responsible for my results, positive and negative. I am happy. I create my reality by believing I can. I will not let negative media stories taint my reality. I am self sufficient in my thinking. I only allow positive successful people into my circle. I never say can’t and always say ‘yes I can’. The abundance in my life shows this.

success story

Would you like to start your journey with me, and help me guide you to your created future?   It is easier than you think because this is exactly what you need to do … Think.

Cheers, Chrissy.

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My thanks also go to my good friends, Rachel and Shane Krider for being instrumental in me travelling this yellow brick road.

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Money isn’t everything?

Money isn’t everything, or so they say, but I say, it is like oxygen.

money isn't everything
You really don’t know how important it is, until you don’t have enough.

The amount of times I have heard that money isn’t everything, if I had a dollar for every time I have heard these words, I would be very well off indeed. Money is a very simple concept and also can be the most complicated thing some people can be involved with… for some strange reason.

It is a funny thing because people who have been clever with their investments being either business or real estate, normally have no issue with money as it is only a tool to be used to create comfort and lifestyle.

money isn't everything

‘Playing’ the sharemarket could also be classed as investing but I will not voice my opinion on this one as some people do very very well, but I feel that my money would be better off not being in a man made emotional casino gambling system fully manipulated by the corporate entities. But hey… I could be wrong there… maybe…

money isn't everything

Now, most of the people who do say that ‘money isn’t everything’ are most times the people who are professional employees who are just above the poverty line, living pay check to pay check. These people who are 97% of the population are the first to label ‘the rich’ as being greedy or dishonest because ‘the rich’ have more of that thing called money. I totally believe that money does not make you greedy or dishonest or most else that people say happens to you, but in reality, all having more does, is magnify your personality. This, in my opinion is true, as I have seen it 100’s of times.

If you are a poor arrogant person you will be a rich very arrogant person. If you are generous, you will be a rich very generous person. 

money isn't everything

The greedy ones are those who can only take care of themselves, as there is nothing left at the end of the week or they are drowning in debt and going backwards. Not consciously being greedy but they feel so financially restricted they believe there is no way they can give. Self Education can easily repair this.

Not the traditional education system, as this is designed to create professional employees or worker bees. VITALLY important for society, but, without the entrepreneurial successful people, there would be 90% less employees as private businesses employ the majority of people.

Financial and investing education is the education which will help you work  money to your advantage. If worked properly you can then see money as a tool, to be used and not as a permanent oxygen mask.

97% of people say that money isn’t everything, but 3% say it is a very useful tool for the creation of lifestyle and comfort. Not only for them, but you always fit your oxygen mask first so you are in the position to be able to help. They  put themselves in the perfect position to help the community because they can. I have heard that Bill Gates donates around 90% of his wealth to charities and an enormous amount of ‘rich’ people do this but don’t brag about it. They also have created millions of jobs for people. Brilliant.

So money isn’t everything??      I say BS. It is what most people are working for, and selling their time for money.

If you think this is BS, ask yourself one question:

Would you still go to work everyday if you did not get paid?

money isn't everything

I think I know the answer.

Do yourself a favour and get the financial education you need to make your life easier. Especially for the younger ones in your life. Start a savings plan putting away 10% of everything you earn. If you start this early enough and get into the habit of doing this, using compound interest, the 8th wonder of the world, you could ‘retire’ in half the time and you would not be dead or dead broke by 65 like 90% of people.

I can help you here because I am in the position to do so, and I do speak from experience.

Contact me today to start your new life. It’s easier than you think.

My thanks also go to my good friends, Rachel and Shane Krider for being instrumental in me going down this yellow brick road.

Cheers Chrissy and Col




Our Safety Zone??

Our Safety Zone??

Our Safety Zone determines everything about who we are, what we do, how we either react or respond, and ultimately how successful or unsuccessful we are at the end of our physical experience.

Not sure about this one but some say, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and it never ends. But for this 400 words or so, I will say the end …..??(voice raises in pitch)

Everyone has a different safety zone or comfort zone and it is never ever set in stone. It changes according to each individuals mood, mindset, surroundings or environment, or many other things which may force or invite change. And of course change is vitally important  when it comes to any form of progression or improvement. Without change, we are going backwards. There is no neutral, we are either going forwards or backwards.

A racecar driver is ‘in the zone’ going flat out around a race track at 300kph (200mph). To the ‘normal’ person this would be terrifying. Our safety zone talk would say, “get me the hell out of this thing there is no way this is safe”. But the experienced driver would say         “Woo Hoo Bring it ON”. 

safety zone

A rider riding in a cross country event with jumps, crossings and other obstacles would relish the challenge and go as fast or as slow as their safety zone would permit. The more experienced the rider is, the wider the zone boundary would be. A jockey would be in their safety zone with a good horse surrounded by 10 other jockeys and horses again going as fast as they see fit to gauge the ride to reach the finish line first.

safety zone

So, when it comes to safety zones, each one has to be changeable, adaptable, never set in stone, and must be scrutinized at every second of the day.

This is called, Thinking.

safety zone

The so called zone is only as strong or weak as you see fit.  It is can only be set according to your dreams and goals.  With that said, a goal setting exercise is really the first thing you should do to be aware of how your so called safety zone, can be manipulated, and rearranged to your benefit.

It is something about 3% of the population even take the time to think about. And it is funny how only 3% of the population is neither dead or dead broke by aged 65.

Don’t let your automatic safety zone control you. Be bold or brave enough to extend the boundaries as far as possible. Stretch your thinking patterns to the point where there is no boundary , and finally read learn read learn and read some more. Readers are Leaders. There is no limit to learning. The more you expand your horizons the better position you are to accept new opportunities as they present themselves.

Your open mind will always serve you very well.

I am always learning and growing. I wish to leave a legacy (not for another 100 years or more though) that says, “WOW… a Strong and Humble Leader/Servant”

Thanks to my good friends and mentors Rachel and Shane Krider, with their vision to guide the individual toward a better life, I have positioned myself, I feel, in the best spot possible for me to be successful and abundant, so now I can help.

Cheers, Chrissy.

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Secret to attracting more customers to your business

Good news to attract more customers:

Despite having umpteen other options for where to shop, one-third of consumers shop at a small business at least once a week, and three-fourths visit a small business at least once a month, reports a study by Vistaprint. How do customers discover these businesses. The survey has some answers that will help you attract more customers.

The top way consumers find small businesses is a tie between word-of-mouth and online. If you don’t have a website and/or a strong online presence, there’s an opportunity here for you to attract more customers simply by developing your online footprint.

What do I mean by that? Your online presence has several components.

attract more customers

Website: According to the study, about half of U.S. small businesses don’t have website all. If you’re one of them, think how much you could boost your business simply by launching a website. Of course, it’s not quite that simple: The survey found that a poorly designed website is worse than none at all. Nearly half (45 percent) of respondents say they are unlikely to patronize a small business that has a badly designed website. Among Millennials, this figure was even higher; just 5 percent of this age group say they would patronize a business with a poorly designed website.
Social media: Overall, six out of 10 survey respondents say that a small business needs a social media presence to help attract more customers, and 25 percent rate this as “very important.” As you might expect, social media matters a lot for Millennials when deciding what businesses to patronize. One out of four Millennial consumers starts with social media—rather than a general internet search or visiting a particular company’s website—when researching small businesses. (In comparison, just 7.5 percent of Baby Boomers do this.)
Online reviews: A whopping 75 percent of respondents say researching online reviews is “somewhat” or “very” important before they visit a business. Overall, half of respondents say that negative reviews are the number-one factor that would keep them from visiting a particular business.
Armed with this information, how can you improve your business’s “discoverability” factor? Here’s your four-step plan to attract more customers.

1. Get a business website. If you don’t already have a website, what are you waiting for? Setting up a business website is simple and easy these days. There are many services that offer all-in-one packages, including domain registration, website hosting and design, and even help with online marketing such as SEO (search engine optimization) and getting listed on local search directories. If you’re not technically inclined, getting the experts to help is a smart move.2

2. Improve your existing website. If your business website is more than a few years old, chances are it could use some updating. For one thing, is it mobile-friendly? Most customers looking for businesses use their mobile phones even when they’re at home, and if they can’t navigate your website easily on their phones, they’ll just click over to the competition. You can also consider adding features such as a click-to-call button so customers can contact you easily or online chat so they can get help with any questions they may have. Regularly monitoring your website for broken links and outdated information will help ensure it keeps driving customers to your business.

3. Get active on social media. You don’t have to be on every social network out there, but you should have a presence on those that matter to your target customers. A little market research will uncover whether that’s Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or somewhere else. Post consistently, be responsive to customers’ comments and share useful information, and you’ll gradually build a following.

4. Monitor your online reviews. Regularly check your online reviews to catch any negative ones and take action. Reach out to customers with complaints and take the issue off-line feed can resolve it; then make sure you share the result on the review site so other potential customers know you handled it. Encourage happy customers to review you so you can build up a foundation of positive reviews.

Today, the Internet is just as important as word-of-mouth in building your business—and that trend is only going to increase. Take steps now to make the right moves that will attract customers to your business both now and in the future.

Attracting more customers is vital with ‘filling the pipe’. If you keep filling the customer pipe they will continue to dribble out, as the pipe gets fuller and fuller.

Cheers and a big thank you to the author of this article on how to attract more customers.  And a bigger thank you to my mentors, Shane and Rachel Krider.

Baby steps or full throttle you ask, full throttle every time…. Chrissy

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Best Ever Home Business for those looking for a Brilliant Home Business Opportunity. This has been going for 7 years now and counting.

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How to Play Up in Your Life

Life is a game.

It should always be a Fun Game, if it is not fun, you are doing it WRONG!!!!!

Learn how to Play up in your life.

play up in your life

Yes… I did say Play Up in Your Life.  But…. mum (mom) said when I was little “DON’T PLAY UP”!!!!! or you will always be in trouble. How do I suddenly go against my beliefs?

‘Play up’ is a pun on words. By Play Up I mean you should always head toward the Up Side of everything you do. Always do your best and never settle for …ugh… ‘Average’.

If you strive for a or settle with ‘Average’ you will always get ‘Average’ results. I dislike average. Over the last 8 years I have spoken with an enormous amount of people inquiring about my lifestyle and business, quite a few ask ‘what is the average income achieved by people in this business’?    I say, WHY would you ever want average results.

Play up in your life. Up the ante. Go for gold. Strive toward $uccess. Go with nature. Nature??? what has nature got to do with this. OK, Think about a tree… what is a tree’s only objective in its life…..?? Grow up. Higher than all the other trees and highest and strongest it can possibly be. It is natures way with ALL living things. Grow Up Proud, Strong and Abundant. Human beings is the only species that goes against nature. We seem to be happy with mediocre. We seem happy with average. Figure that one out… I can’t

Play up in your life is another way of saying head toward the best, make it fun and live breathe and enjoy. Rachel and Shane Krider, very good friends and long term mentors of mine, say the same. Live your life at its best. You only have one physical life so make it a good one. Play up. Not just a bit every now and then, but Play Up in Your Life every second of the day.

Make it Fun, Play up, play up in your lifeCheers, Chrissy

p.s.   More interesting reading on my other blogs.

Live Free Retire Wealthy for those who want an easy life. Start now otherwise time will be your enemy. I say this from experience.

More Time to Ride for the horse lovers

Best Ever Home Business for those looking for a Brilliant Home Business Opportunity. This has been going for 7 years now and counting.

and Best Ever Home Business prosperity of life blog

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