My Home Business Success Story

My Success Story and how it unfolded.

As a Business Coach I hear a lot of stories.

This story was told to me about an unforeseen kick in the teeth, and how to avoid this happening to You…

A few years back, I managed to secure a full time position with a corporate company, I thought, wow … this is great. All I have to do is knuckle down and work really hard and do the best I can, put in all the extra hours, and I will reap massive rewards. I will create my own success story.

success story

The manager of my department will see me as the model employee and I will stand out from the crowd in the other cubicles, because of my extra efforts. This is all I had to do. I put in the 14 to 16 hour days, got everything done early, and all was as efficient as I could make it, and in my mind, I was the model employee. My life was my work.


Actually I thought, well I knew, I was valued more than everyone else there, because I could see how they could be better at their work, if they only just do what I did, and be dedicated to the company. Some of these people had been there for 10, 20 and 30 years. I could easily see how they too could be the model employee by just upping their game, and they could write their own success story. I can fix these people.

I was in a great position as I was the most valued, most efficient, and most important part of this section. A big pay rise was just around the corner, or so I thought.

success story

BANG!!! CRASH!!! WHOOSH!!! ….. Forced uncontrolled reality hit me like a ton of bricks. Well not my reality, but the reality of me putting my faith and time and all my efforts into something fully controlled by someone else. A HUGE learning curve for me and a HUGE kick in the teeth, stomach, rear end and shins, all at the same time.

A downturn in the economy hit, and I was one of 35 people to go. WHAT!!! ME??? Why me??? Can’t you see I am the most important employee here? Can’t you see that Bill in accounts does more work avoiding work, and gets double my pay, and he didn’t get fired? Can’t you see the value I add to this section. The top floor decision makers could not see what I could easily see. How could this be?

success story

This was a massive massive wake up call for me. You should never ever put your future in someone else’s hands. I see this now, back then in the corporate world, they rarely ever saw and didn’t really care about you or your future because they are only thinking about themselves and their future.

Right I said, a big wake up call. It is up to me to create my own success story, and only ever up to me. I will never again put myself in any position to allow my future to be decided upon my someone else.

I still have the same work ethic which is do the best I possible can, be the most efficient person in all I do and always see every project right to the end and move straight to the next. Never leave anything unfinished as this will always play on your mind.

My home business success story is still unfolding as I get more and more in tune with my dreams and goals. I have learned not to be a fixer but to be a creator. I am fully involved with creating my own future and have learned that I must put myself in a non-victim position to allow me to be able to offer my expertise to all who are willing to listen.

success story

My success story is this. I am fully responsible for my results, positive and negative. I am happy. I create my reality by believing I can. I will not let negative media stories taint my reality. I am self sufficient in my thinking. I only allow positive successful people into my circle. I never say can’t and always say ‘yes I can’. The abundance in my life shows this.

success story

Would you like to start your journey with me, and help me guide you to your created future?   It is easier than you think because this is exactly what you need to do … Think.

Cheers, Chrissy.

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My thanks also go to my good friends, Rachel and Shane Krider for being instrumental in me travelling this yellow brick road.

p.s. Fankyou weggo people


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