BestEverHomeBusiness, our best business decision

For about 8 years now I have supported and helped where I can, my beautiful wife Chrissy, with our home business, BestEverHomeBusiness.

We are independent home business owners under the umbrella  of  a global privately owned company, now a leader in the Personal Development industry.

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Doing this around my full time job meant I was up early, put on some online ads, sent links to Chrissy and basically did whatever I could to make her day easier, and then off to work.

Our decision for me to give up full time work and step up to work alongside Chrissy with our Home Business, is turning out to be the best business decision we have ever made. I still get up early to put facebook leads into our lead manager, listen to training calls either live or recorded, do my daily personal development and now, phone people in Canada and the US, (we’re in Australia) and do the things that are written in my DMO (daily method of operation).

Coming from a workshop/tools environment I had to follow a regimented pattern. Step 1, 2. 3. 4….. etc. The business system is exactly that. Simple step 1, 2, 3, …

My website was born to give those who are needing a change away from their mundane physically hard workshop environment.

home business

I now work alongside my best friend Chrissy, and with the expert simple guidance from Shane and Rachel Krider. Our momentum is building and growing dramatically. We work consistently but not hard from home, and take the necessary breaks whenever we want to. We are a great team and have an efficient ever evolving system.

BestEverHomeBusiness has been going and growing strong since 2008 and growing naturally. Our blogs, social media presence, and just sleeves up perseverance, consistency and determination has proven to be our strong point.


Just never give up. If you give up you lose. We follow the simple system and don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Doing the simple thing well and being consistent is all we have to do.

I am so proud to be alongside my best friend working well together.

Not many people can say that.

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My thanks also go to my good friends, Rachel and Shane Krider for being instrumental in me travelling this $uccessful yellow brick road.