Leadership Retreat, R and R at its best

When we first started with this business way back in 2009, we used to say ‘I wonder what it takes to be part of the leadership group. I wonder if we ever will be, and what do we have to do to be up there.’

They seem to always be having fun, being there, and being on purpose. These few people are very successful, very confident and very down to earth but had the presence of being a leader. They make sensible decisions on how when where and why in the business. Every event held, is always very well run and very informative.

As time went on we simply did the business as per the guidelines and got better and better without even realising it.

One day out of the blue, after always being fully involved, always showing up and creating very good results, we were asked to join the leadership group. What an absolute thrill and a boost to our confidence.

We continue to have had record income months and more so, we have been able to fine tuned our business.

We are talking with more good people and giving them the opportunity to go through the process to hopefully give them the same opportunities as we have had over the years.

The latest absolutely brilliant R and R we had was with Shane and Rachel and the leadership group, was in a $3.5 mil mansion in Port Douglas in Nth Queensland Australia. Beautiful. To show their appreciation, we were invited as part of leadership to spend the week and just take it all in. We had a full time chef, with cocktails on demand, (hic!)… went out to dinners, went crocodile viewing. We saw a 4 metre croc in the harbour, in town, on our way back in the boat, the Lady Douglas.

We all went on a bush walk in the oldest rain-forest in the world, had billie tea and damper on an open fire, and really had a great time. All the while doing our business as per normal if we chose too.

The gardens were beautifully tropical with a creek running through the property. Underground water supplied the house and irrigation systems which were timed to keep the property in lush condition.

The beautiful pool was well and truly used.

Our time there was very much appreciated and with a group of people who are on purpose and focused on success. Not only for themselves but taking as many people with them (us) as possible. A perfect group of peers.

Our next trip is in May 2017 to Auckland NZ. A 5 day seminar on how to use the power of money to your advantage and the art of successful investing. This extremely valuable advice should not be missed by anyone. The educational advantage of what to do and what not to do with money, makes all  the difference between living in poverty or living in abundance.

I know which one I would rather have.

It was said (probably by a poor person) … ‘money does not make you happy’ … I say absolute BS.