We’re Off to Thailand with Leadership.

Being part of leadership within Prosperity of Life, we are positioned very well to be offered things that would not ordinarily be offered.

We are going to Thailand in 3 weeks to get some promotional videos done by the marketing team. The videos will be shot in and around Shane and Rachels new luxury mansion in Thailand.


Taken from their drone off the beach from the property


Greg who leads the team has around 30 years experience in marketing and is instrumental in the making of our award winning short films. He has done many multi million dollar ads for the superbowl in the states and countless others in his long and successful career.

We  are thrilled to have this opportunity.

This experience is second to none as far as marketing goes. I am positive it will give our already great results a real boost.

Yahoo is all I can say. Absolutely Brilliant

Chrissy and Col Greig

And another thing… Our secret to our success is being focused, being positive at all times (very difficult sometimes) and just not giving in to the nay sayers. Those people will always try to drag you down to their level. This was not an option for us.

Our leadership dream became reality because of our resilience.

We are so determined to continue with our success and that’s not just the financial success, but the emotional and personal development success, nobody but nobody will get in our way.

We are driving the bus.

Either get on and enjoy the ride or get out of the way. This how all successful people feel. They never let ‘average’ or ‘normal’ dictate the terms.

The individual is very intelligent but the masses are dumb.

Do yourself a favour and be an individual.

You’ll be better of for it.

BIG PLUS… TURN OFF THE NEWS. You Don’t need it.

CNN (constantly negative news)