Perseverance has shown that the $50k Club is possible

$50k in one month now seems to be a common occurrence

$50k club
$50k club members

Check out these videos from our newest %$50k club members

Becs, Mary, Joe and Anthony, Cathy and Greg, Karen and Simon, Carollyn and Tennille, Sonya and Felicia

When Chrissy and I first started in this business back in 2008, we could see the big picture very easily. We wanted to be in the $50k club. And that was, to get qualified as soon as humanly and financially possible.

$50k club


It wasn’t rocket science that to be paid at the higher level, we must position ourselves at the higher level. Exactly the same as if you had a job somewhere and were after more dollars.

It’s been an exciting time! of growth and expansion within our business over the past number of months.

Since March of this year we have seen Eight Distributorships join the prestigious ranks of the 50k Club.

And six of them achieved this milestone in the past 6 weeks alone!

To reach this level, each business owner achieved in excess of $50,000 USD in a single month! Woaza!

It’s a company record to have so many new members in such a short period to time.

There’s really never been a better time to take control of your financial future with this company.

It’s our turn again to join the club… our next milestone is the $100k club, we’ve been very close…

Ask me how 

p.s. We feel we are at the cusp of a huge expansion. All the ducks seemed to be lining up well, and that’s not by accident.



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