Mind Powers

This page is all about Mind Powers.

Your mind powers and how to adjust and use them to your benefit.

A weekly series of Podcasts by Rachel and Shane Krider, these thoughtful teachings are an ongoing journey for you and many generations to come.

Please enjoy them as much as I do,   Chrissy Greig.

1. Law of Attraction


There’s loads of information out there on the law of attraction. I go into greater detail around the fundamentals in our first ever live streaming podcast above – but here I’m going to chat about my insight into the law of attraction. How you can harness it through a simple formula, and apply it in every area of your life. You will see a significant change instantly!

2. How does Gratitude Work


This week we aired our Born to Prosper show where we answered the question How Does Gratitude Work where I shared how the power of gratitude is the key to unlocking your hidden potential.

It was important for me to discuss the benefit of practising gratitude early on in our podcast series because it’s a fundamental key to successfully transforming your life through personal development. Without gratitude, your journey will be a lot more arduous.

What is gratitude? It’s the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for, and to return kindness.

3. How to find Happiness


How To Find Happiness and The Power of Identifying Your Purpose

Looking for a way of taking your business to the next level? I can share something that will help you do that. Happiness.

So we’re talking about how to find happiness? And why is it worth finding?

Happiness is the key to success in every sector of your life. And I am going to break finding happiness down to three concepts, that all work together to create happiness, success, and the life you want. They are:

  • Your vigilant drive
  • Finding your purpose
  • Getting in flow

4. Synchronicity Explained


Synchronicity explained – what are meaningful coincidences? You know when you’re thinking about someone, and then the phone rings and it’s that person? That’s synchronicity. Check out the first explanation here.

5. The Power of Agreement.


You can look at life thinking everything is random chance, or everything happens for a reason. When really, it’s the Laws of the Universe that govern how things happen. If you understand these larger spiritual concepts, it allows you to take control of your life in a completely different way.

6. Change your Brain, Change your Life

There are lots of ways you could change your brain. You could change what you eat; you could ingest drugs; chug-a-lug a margarita; or you could put a water-ski through your skull, like I did. Let me tell you – that substantially changed my brain!

Let’s not aim for near fatal head injuries. Instead, here are some ways you can change your brain and change your life, safely from the comforts of your own home.

7. Facts About The Brain


Facts about the brain – why is this so important? Well, I’m into it for a few reasons and it started with these two books: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey; and Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

This ignited my passion for personal development, and I continue to be hungry for more information around the idea of how we can use our brain to transform our life. These are my favourite 15 facts about the brain and why you should never buy into your own excuses.

8. Wanna lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks?


What about gaining so much energy that those around you will be wondering what you’re up too?

Seriously, if I had of realised that a few simple changes in my diet would have resulted in rapid weight loss, (I did in-fact lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks. For my Aussie friends that’s 4.5 kg’s!!) I would have made these changes years ago.

9. The BIGGEST Scam Revealed.


Today, I’m blowing the lid on the biggest scam revealed that is most relevant in your life right now. I’m going to share the seven major ways we are set up to fail and how by recognising these, you can gain control of your destiny and the biggest scam revealed will no longer have power over you.

10. How to get More Energy.


Ever Wondered How To Get More Energy That Lasts All Day?

You know I’ve been asking myself “how to get more energy” for the past couple of years. Maybe its a combination of motherhood or this body of mine getting older, but these past couple of years I’ve noticed more than any other time how lacking in energy I’d become.

11. Coaching the Coach with Adam Bude


I was super excited about this week’s podcast, because we invited our first guest ever to join Mind Power. That honour was given to Adam Bude, who is a student of our Prosperity of Life (POLARIS)* personal development curriculum.

Adam is also an associate of the Prosperity of Life business opportunity and has recently experienced some mind-blowing results. And I couldn’t wait to share them with you.

12. How to outperform your self image.


Self-image is a powerful concept, and one that is discussed at length in Maxwell Maltz’sPsycho-Cybernetics. Essentially, once you’ve established this idea of yourself, who you are and what you can or cannot achieve, you keep yourself on track to fulfilling this self-image. You kind of go on autopilot and don’t stretch those limits because this is what you believe for yourself. Those beliefs then become self-fulfilling prophecies, and become your reality. Even if you start out-performing your self-image, and achieving higher than you had imagined at the time you projected that image of yourself, unconsciously, you end up sabotaging it. Because it doesn’t fit the realm of your original self-image.

13. My Near Death Experience


Shane Krider shares his insight into his Near Death Experience and how doctors gave him no chance but Shane had other plans….

14. How to compress time and Achieve your goals


Our special guest, Hems Thakraar, is truly inspirational. His business philosophy and application led him to be one of the most flourishing entrepreneurs I know. I’m just so pleased to see someone go and create this level of success. Hems shared his insights into his journey, including a crucial counter intuitive concept to his success – the importance of giving and receiving, and how time is your most valuable commodity.

15. Break through the Struggle Barrier.


I do what I do because it brings the joy I want into my life. I do enjoy the money as well and I’m a big believer of business and what that contributes to society. But I’ve seen a lot of budding entrepreneurs get so close to some really great breakthroughs, and then give up. They reach that struggle barrier, and just can’t break through.

14. How to build Empowering Relationships.


It’s hard enough to become a successful entrepreneur in life, for most of us, but to be successful and have a good relationship that’s a bit more difficult. Now, how about being a successful entrepreneur, while being in a relationship with another equally successful person, and creating synergy with them that equates to an empowering relationship. That, my friends, is the advanced game of life. We’re going to talk about how to get there.

15. Why your mind can’t comprehend freedom and why you get stuck.


Freedom is an amazing thing but difficult to think about, comprehend and utilize. Understanding the reasons for this can put you in a position where you can get more out of life. That’s my goal with all the work I do on Mind Power; Born to Prosper; Prosperity of Life education and training events – everything is based around the principles and teachings on how to get the most out of life and create a life you’re excited to be living. Shane Krider

16. The 4 stages of self confidence.


Self-confidence is a beautiful thing but can be mistaken for ego or arrogance, which are negative counter parts of self-confidence. What I’m talking about is the calm self-confidence, the driving strength that makes you live on-purpose and achieve your goals. The kind self-confidence that makes you feel courageous, believe that anything is possible and gives you strength to follow through and action your dreams.

17. How to destroy Fear before it destroys You.


Fear is the number one inhibitor of taking successful actions; and it is the number one instigator for taking destructive actions. Fear prevents your ability to make productive decisions that keep you on-purpose, focused on your goals, and contributing to your ideal life. Instead, fear promotes negative thinking, which leads to bad decisions and damaging behavior.

18. How to achieve a balanced life as an Entrepreneur.


Being an Entrepreneur can be a fantastic experience. It’s the freedom of no constraints, it’s the freedom of not answering to anyone or having to justify your actions, but it also can create an enormous amount of pressure if you let it and let  money dominate your procedures. Like any business venture being an Entrepreneur is just another label for self employed. You are 100% responsible for your decisions, your results and your progress. Enjoy the experience. Good advice… “Hurry up and Slow Down”.



To a great extent, we are all at the mercy and effect of what’s going on around us. It’s so easy to allow situations, past and present, to define who we think we are. I’ve had some traumatic events in my life that have absolutely taught me great lessons and helped shape my life into the amazing creation it currently is. But how do you gain strength from these events, move on and leave the negativity behind, and thrive from the life lesson?



I love to learn from the difference-makers in life. I love to hear their stories, where they started from and how they achieved their success. I’ve struggled with a lot of things in my life – unnecessarily so – and there are things I’ve been able to learn from others that have given me the inside scoop on what it really takes to be successful. By absorb those lessons and developing new strengths I was able to transform my life.

My guest today is one of those amazingly successful people we can all learn from. Lee Anne Bartlett is a prosperous mompreneur who has built a booming business while caring for two young kids.


mind powers

Shane Krider and Rachel Krider interview Oz Sanchez as he is headed to Rio to compete in the 2016 Paralympic Games. Go OZ!!!!



Ever thought yoga was for the weak? Ella Cojocaru will change your mind! I found yoga, and subsequently Ella, when I was looking for an alternative workout for my slightly damaged body. Not only did yoga challenge me, it reversed my joint damage and had so many physical benefits I wouldn’t have fathomed. The real clincher for me was the spiritual and psychological benefits. Yoga keeps you present, fully aware, and clears the monkey chatter from the mind. I hold yoga instructors in high regard, and Ella is one of the best teachers on the planet.



Confidence is something I have found through adversity in my life. It’s not something that came naturally to me at all. I had to work really hard at it. But now, I have this knowing that I can absolutely create and achieve everything I want in my life. So Rachel Krider asked me some questions on how I obtained this rock solid confidence and the subsequent successes throughout my life.



I choose to believe in the philosophy that gives me the most possible ability to create the life I want. As far as I’m concerned, the only reason that a person isn’t really achieving their goals, creating the life that they want, is self-sabotage.

I believe if we make certain mental shifts we can begin to transform our experience of life and the results we receive in all areas – relationships, finances, health, whatever. We can transform it, and as soon as we get on track, these things begin to transform quite quickly.


Live Free Retire Wealthy blog header

Whether you are 40+ or on your way there, there’s some good news for you. I believe life is what we make it; the new norm is people living their best years of their life at the age of forty. Rach and I are doing it, and our guests Amanda and Adam Bude are too! And we’re going to share how you guys can get on track and join the next amazing decades of life.



‘Spiritual path’ can mean a million different things to people; it’s up to you to interpret what that means to you. For me it means what you’re doing and the difference it’s making. It’s not about money, but money can become a byproduct of being on a spiritual path, when you’re actively living your life’s purpose, and you put your calling into action.

I’m going to share the shift in mindset and internal language you need to choose to start attracting abundance, and the three steps you can do right now to change everything.



Absolutely! Most people miss opportunities, don’t recognize them when they arrive, and therefore don’t create the level of success in their life that they want. When people are actively searching for opportunities, they’re unlikely to see those right in front of them. Why? Because of the way our thought processes work behind-the-scenes when we’re trying to find these elusive opportunities.

So how do we do it?

We have to be proactive and re-train the way we perceive everything by utilizing the six higher faculties of mind: perception, memory, reason, will, intuition, imagination.

28. Q and A with Shane and Rachel Krider.

mind powers

Looking to transform your life? It all starts with your mind and your thought process. You have your beliefs and perceptions and once you believe something that actually becomes a filter to your five senses and that becomes what you perceive. But when you open your mind, and question your beliefs, you can see new information break out of the box. Today, I’m opening up the phone lines and answering some of your questions around this.


mind powers

Ever been baffled by other people’s reactions because you can’t understand where they’re coming from? Even though you saw the exact same event as they did? That’s because no two people see the exact same thing. We see life through filters based on our life experience, and there are philosophical differences we use to judge life on an unconscious level.


mind powers

Your subconscious mind is responsible for a very large part of whatever is going on in your life. It’s an important thing to learn about and master.

I’ve researched the mind and the conscious vs (sub/un)conscious mind levels for over twenty years – it’s a huge interest I have, and now I’m going to break down how I’ve implemented my findings in my life, and show you how you can make it useful for you.


I’m going to share some tips and tricks to increase your power of focus. This is a life discipline that once learned and practiced daily, has absolutely amazing benefits.

mind power


Today we were joined live by internationally acclaimed coach, speaker and author, Dr Patrick Williams, to discuss the power of authenticity and vulnerability at the right time.

mind powers

What I’ve discovered in my life is there is a depth of power in vulnerability that is amazing. Authentic communication is something we talk about frequently on MindPower and in our trainings, so this is definitely a topic that is synergistic with Dr Pat’s brand new book Getting Naked: on being emotionally transparent at the right time, right place, with the right person.